Rupert the 11 year old Newfoundland

Our 11 year old Newfoundland dog named Rupert was really beginning to show the signs of ageing. Slowly but surely over his tenth year he was beginning to lose energy, sleep all day, and no longer wanted to get up for walks or meals. We started giving him c60 in olive oil and were blown away by the sudden turn around in his health. Since then we began making our own 99.99% pure c60 in organic mct-oil, and adding it to Ruperts breakfast every day. He is well into his eleventh year now and he has plenty of energy and is going strong!
Update: Rupert’s coat is shinny and black, and his cataract is gone!

Best product that I’ve tried!

I have now been using your C-60 for a couple days and I really like it! It seems like the best (I can easily tell energy-wise already) product that I’ve tried and I have tried 4 different ones now (yours is the 4th and best-tasting also). Keep up the good work and best wishes for your new company’s success.
~ Dale in Morton, IL

Everyone on my hockey team wants to know why I am playing so well!

Everyone on my hockey team wants to know why I am playing so well since my return from the Christmas holidays. I played solid defense the last two games and been skating really well. The only two changes I made was being in Hawaii for a month and taking c60. Now I’m trying to promote your c60 to the rest of the team before playoffs!
~ Murray in Ontario, Canada

My energy has come roaring back!

I am in my mid 60’s and have been taking 1 teaspoon of Amrita C60 per day for about 4 months now. My energy has come roaring back and no longer have to take naps all day. I had neck problems for the last several years and now they are gone. Nothing else worked to fix my neck until I started taking this C60 and am hitting golf balls like I was 15-20 years ago. Another good side effect is I am eating more and not gaining wait due to either being more active from the new energy or the C60 has something to do with that too. The taste of this is mild and very pleasant in the MCT or the Avocado oil. I have tried some other products and this is by far the best tasting and works well for me. I am very skeptical about product claims, but am convinced Amrita C60 is for real since it is all that has changed in my life.
~ John in Atlanta, GA

I like Amrita c60 in particular.

It is part of my daily ritual. An apple every morning followed by the oil…delicious! I had been having some bad skin issues that have totally improved! My skin feels much stronger! I am over 65 so this is a wonderful improvement that I can only really link the oil to. My eating habits are pretty much the same.

~ C in Hawai’i