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Sarah Westall Interview: C60 Scam Uncovered

Ken “the Scientist” rejoins the show to discuss the latest C60 scam that was just uncovered. This sad discovery is important to share as, without the discovery, it would have undermined the relevance of the entire industry where amazing results are occurring. Charlatans exist everywhere and it’s important to keep an eye out for the scams. Also, discussed is some of the false rumors about the potential dangers of c60.

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Is C60 Safe? Interview with Ken “The Scientist”

Ken, “the Scientist” from Purple Power, rejoins Sarah Westall’s Business Game Changers program to discuss the growing opposition to C60 and to clear the record on it’s safety. He explains that none of the studies claiming harm are legitimate studies. He explains 2 higher profile claims and why they are false and inaccurate. He also explains some of the amazing results C60 has had with great success. Next they dive into 5G and how that specifically damages cells and how C60 helps you avoid the damage caused by 5G and other electronic devices.

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