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Clif High discusses Carbon 60 on A2A – January 25, 2018

Here are some of the key points about c60 discussed in the interview:

  • Carbon60 ingested in digestible oils goes through your liver and all parts of your body and “grabs” hydrogen atoms. The c60 with H2 is able to pass through the blood barriers and capillaries in your body. The Hydrogen then globs on to “Free Radicals” or Oxidative Stress Residue, converts them into H20 and you pee them out.
  • c60 as a carbon molecule has an affinity for metals and so it pulls out all of the toxic metals in your body.
  • c60 is very greatly anti radioactive nucleotide. It globs on to radioactive material in your body and removes it.
  • We don’t know if c60 oil will extend life, but the study on rats showed a significant life expansion, while remaining in good health and showing youthful appearance during their lifespan.
  • c60 oil has about a 10 hour half life in your body, before it starts being excreted, so a maintenance dose is required. Higher doses are necessary in the beginning to achieve body saturation, and then smaller maintenance doses (about a tablespoon per day).
  • Eating foods that create hydrogen gas in the gut are helpful in combination with c60 oil, as well as drinking molecular hydrogen water. H2 leaks out of the body very fast because it is so small, unless it is captured by c60 and delivered to the cells in the body.
  • Individuals have experienced very beneficial reactions such as: not requiring reading glasses, getting rid of hearing aids, no more back and body pains, inflammation reduction, and sometimes within hours of taking c60 oil.
  • c60 is not a drug, it does not cause any changes to the body – it’s carbon!
  • c60 oil has shown to have very beneficial anecdotal health benefits in individuals. Anybody who is ingesting c60 oil is doing so as a self experiment. There are no sanctioned medical studies on humans that have been published. But, it is Kick Ass Stuff! 🙂

Listen to the segment about c60 here:


Information about Molecular Hydrogen Water can be found here:

Listen to the full interview here:

Clif High kicks off the 2018 A2A calendar with a fascinating discussion of the “web bot” predictive technology and its application toward the year to come in cryptos, the metals and more.

There was high demand for Clif as an A2A guest and, after you listen to this podcast, you’ll know why. Clif is clearly an extremely intelligent guy and his thoughts on a wide-range of topics are insightful and compelling. Among the items discussed:

  • the cryptocurrencies and where they are headed in 2018 and beyond
  • how blockchain can help end the precious metal price manipulation
  • the idea of free energy
  • what’s going on in Antarctica
  • the health benefits of Carbon60
  • and so much more your head will be spinning!

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