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C60 Olive Oil Revealed, History & Updates with Chris Burres/SES Research

A great interview with Chris Burres, owner and founder of SES Research on making C60, differences in C60 and how they are not created or treated equally, and common questions, concerns and confusion answered and explained. This IS the video to watch on C60!

It’s probably not a good idea to try making the c60 molecule at home!! At Amrita c60 we source for SES research labs. We take great care and every precaution making the oil for you at home. C60 in extra vigin olive oil is what’s recommended in this interview. We feel it is usually recommended because that was the oil used in the rat studies. But, we find olive oil to be less stable, it can go rancid more easily. It is also difficult to know if your olive oil source is trusted. There is good advice in this interview about dosage and storage as well. Enjoy!

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